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Real Estate Risk Assessments

The quality of any environmental site assessment relies upon the ability to identify potential risks and adequately estimate the costs for correction. TEC brings a unique perspective to every real estate risk evaluation they perform. As a full service firm, TEC personnel are exposed daily to a wide variety of environmental problems and remediation alternatives. Even the most sophisticated degree program cannot replace real time field experience when it comes to identifying high risk operations and construction materials. There is no firm better qualified to provide realistic estimates for site remediation and restoration costs.

Underground Storage Tanks

Whether the property is residential or commercial, underground storage tanks represent one of the highest risks associated with property ownership. TEC and its principals have the combined knowledge of over 2,000 underground storage tank assessment, removal and installation projects. Their understanding of the potential impacts of leaking tanks as well as actual construction techniques ensures that regulatory compliance can be achieved and the risks associated with tanks reduced.

Subsurface Investigations

In the past five years, substantial changes have occurred in subsurface assessment techniques. New methodologies coupled with improved drilling and sampling equipment have paved the way for faster and less expensive approaches to subsurface investigations. While all of the new techniques profess improvement, it is critical to select the appropriate tools for each application. Once again, TEC’s combined consulting and construction capabilities enable our project teams to fully review the available assessment techniques and choose an appropriate approach that will both cost-effectively and accurately explore subsurface conditions.

Remedial Implementation

Technology is moving at an incredible pace and with it are many new passive and active alternatives for remediation. Selecting the appropriate technique requires a complete understanding of every phase in the construction process. While many engineers fail to adequately anticipate site restoration issues associated with various methods, TEC is one of only a few firms that keeps the responsibility for finish work in-house. At TEC, we are truly a turn-key operation and in being so we have the flexibility to anticipate and respond to the dynamics presented in a remedial project.

Regulatory Support

TEC and its principals have been working in the environmental community for over twenty years. Relationships with regulators, government officials and community leaders have been established based upon a reputation of quality and integrity.


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