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Residential Tank Owner Fact Sheet

Program Overview   Costs Fact Sheet

Public Act 99-269 establishes a comprehensive program for residential underground storage tanks which includes owner amnesty~ from state civil action, DEP contractor registration and reimbursement of clean-up costs.


Public Act 99-269

 Who May Apply for Amnesty?

As of July 1, 1999, Public Act 99-269 provides amnesty to persons from liability to the state in any civil action for an cost relating to any spill attributable to an underground storage tank system used in connection with residential] real property comprised of four residential units or fewer if:


such person has removed or replaced the underground petroleum storage tank after July 1, 1999 and before January 1, 2002; and


such person has provided to the Commissioner of Environmental Protection notice and documentation of the removal or replacement of the underground petroleum storage tank [form USTA-5].

 Who May Apply for Reimbursement?

Public Act 99-269 also provides for reimbursement of costs up to $50,000 directly to the contractor for remediation of spills found during the removal of such underground petroleum storage tanks. In order to qualify for reimbursement of remediation costs the contractor shall provide to the Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Clean-Up Review Board [USTA-6] confirmation that the Underground Petroleum Storage Tank Owner:


 hired a DEP registered contractor;


 shall pay the first $500 of remediation costs; and


 will reimburse the state for any payments received from insurance or other parties [form USTA-6].


Person means any individual, partnership, association, corporation, limited liability company, government entity, or any organized group of persons whether incorporated or not who owns an underground petroleum storage tank system associated with a qualifying residential unit or units.

Residential unit means house, apartment. condominium, duplex unit or mobile home comprised of four units or fewer.

 Payment, which is subject to approval by the Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Clean-Up Account Rev iew Board, will be made directly to the contractor. The tank owner is not required to pre-pay the contractor, however, if they choose to do so they should require an agreement that the contractor will file for reimbursement and re-pay the tank owner.

 Typical eligible costs may include: Removal, transportation, treatrnent and disposal of contaminated soil contaminated groundwater collection; contaminated groundwater transportation; contaminated groundwater treatment and disposal; removal and disposal of oil in soil and groundwater; clean replacement soil transportation: 15%.


Typical ineligible costs may include: Tank excavation and removal; draining and handling of oil from tank; tank cleaning and sludge disposal; tank disposal; installation of new tank and associated plumbing; landscaping (trees/shrubs); application preparation and submission; local permit fees needed to remove tank, if required; private well treatment or provision of alternate private or public water supply; and mark up on items including but not limited to: contaminated soil removal, contaminated soil transportation, contaminated groundwater collection, contaminated groundwater transportation, clean replacement soil transportation, clean soil placement, topsoil and seeding, site security and safety, and permit fees for contaminated media disposal; if required.


Funding for this program is subject to Bond Commission approval.

 Contact Address

To request information regarding notification, eligibility of costs criteria, application forms, list of DEP registered contractors, and assistance please contact the Department of Environmental Protection at (860) 424-3370 or write to:

 Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

Bureau of Waste Management

Underground Storage Tank Program - Residential

79 Elm Street, 4th Floor

Hartford. CT O61O6-5127



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